ERC is the leading contract manufacturer that specializes in enzymes and enzyme-based products. Our facilities operate under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) since 2009. We have been inspected and audited by independent third parties: • Blue Ribbon Kosher (2012) transferred to Circle K Kosher (2017) • NSF/NSF Sport (2011) • ICO (2005) transferred to Oregon Tilth Organic (2013) • FDA (2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017) • Minnesota Department of Agriculture (Annually) • OSHA From qualifying our suppliers to delivering the finished product, every step in our process is carefully monitored and documented with full trace-ability. Due to the intense amount of testing and documentation that is now required, our typical lead times for finished powder or encapsulated products is approximately eight to ten weeks. ERC’s manufacturing facility is a state-of-the-art 58,000 square foot building. In addition to our highly organized and immaculate facilities, we also maintain an Advisory Board that helps us stay on top of the latest developments in the enzyme industry. The Board includes leading naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, pharmacists and research scientists.

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ERC offers a diverse range of services designed to support potential and existing clients on their quest to fully appreciate and understand enzymes and their benefits.

Customer Service

Our genuine, personal and competent staff will provide you with exceptional customer service. You won’t get an automated phone messaging system because we still answer our phones quite often on the first ring. If all of our lines are busy you can leave a short message and we normally return calls the same day. If not, we’ll ring you the next business day. We love what we do and it’s reflected in every aspect of our daily operation. We look forward to serving your enzyme needs.


Enzyme Seminars

ERC is an innovative leader in providing educational and engaging enzyme seminars. We take somewhat complicated concepts and ideas and make them simple and easy-to-understand. Pictures, graphics and story-telling help to reinforce the learning process. Seminars are available that range from fifteen (15) to ninety (90) minutes in length.


Product Formulations

ERC creates enzyme formulations that are designed with a complete working knowledge of today’s current research, market trends and government regulations. All enzyme activity and potency are verified and reported in USP, Food Chemical Codex (FCC) units when available. Trial samples are supplied for your review and approval before the ordering process proceeds.


Research & Development

ERC was founded as a research facility that tested the efficacy of enzyme formulations for almost a decade utilizing specific forms of blood analysis. This research has been amalgamated and is still used today as a point of reference. We will continue our research efforts in order to bring the latest enzyme advances and technology to the marketplace.


Technical Support

ERC is your technical enzyme source. Our enzyme reference library is quite comprehensive and contains many out of print books. We maintain an open door communication policy with all legitimate enzyme manufacturers and suppliers in order to keep an objective, broad-based pulse on the enzyme industry. Through our extensive experience and industry connections we have the answers to your questions from fermentation to finished products.



ERC utilizes two types of encapsulation machines.

• Schaefer  Model 10 Semi-Automatic Encapsulation Machines

• ACG Models 40 T & 90 T Fully-Automated Encapsulation Machines

We have multiple sets of change parts in a variety of sizes (#3, #2, #1, #0, #00) that are capable of running any type of capsule:

  • Gelatin
  • Vegetable
  • NP
  • Chlorophyll
  • DR

All encapsulation machines are run in rooms with:

  • Filtered Air (.5 microns)
  • Positive ventilation
  • Temperature and humidity controls
Powder Fill
ERC uses powder fillers manufactured in the U.S.A. by All-Fill.  The powder fill line is operated in a room that has:

    • Filtered Air (.5 microns)
    • Positive ventilation
    • Temperature and humidity controls

We can fill containers or pouches ranging in size from one (1) ounce to two (2) kilos. The finished product is weighed twice on two separate scales to ensure that it meets label claim for weight. Scoops and desiccants are added before the lid is applied. Labels and outer shrink sleeves are applied before being run through the heat tunnel. Finished products are boxed according to customer specifications. All boxes will have a red ERC QC seal of approval.

ERC maintains two separate packaging lines. The first semi-automated line is for small orders that do not exceed 5000 bottles. The second packaging line is fully-automated and used for any order over 5000 bottles.
Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department has responsibility and authority in the following two areas:


    • GMP training is given to all personnel. This means every employee, working in our production areas, is trained and qualified.
    • Post GMP training exams are administered to ensure retention of the materials presented.
    • Quality improvement ensures that all of our procedures, paperwork and documentation are continually being updated.
    • Internal audits are conducted quarterly, to monitor what we are doing verses what we say we are doing.


    • QA oversees and facilitates all regulatory inspections, as well as, all client audits.
    • QA establishes our approved suppliers list through verifying their ability to consistently deliver high quality materials.
Quality Control

The quality control department performs all testing and inspection pertaining to the approval and release of all incoming raw materials as well as all outgoing finished products. We have a full service on-site lab that is run by our highly trained, experienced and professionally educated staff. Our laboratory equipment and capabilities include the following:

MICROBIAL SCREENINGS (guarantees purity and safety)

    • E. coli
    • Lactic Acid Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Total Aerobic Plate Count
    • Total Coliforms
    • Yeast

IDENTITY CONFIRMATION (guarantees consistency and accuracy)

    • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)
    • Microscopic Image Analysis
    • Organoleptic Testing


    • Amylase
    • Protease


    • ATP Screening
    • Moisture Content
    • pH Determination
    • Powder Particle Size
    • Stability Studies

All finished products are either shipped by Freight, UPS or USPS.
Both incoming and outgoing vehicles/trailers are visually inspected every time.
We have ongoing agreements with our shippers that ensure the quality and safety of our products during the shipping process. Adequate amounts of insurance are maintained.