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Mt. Everest
The highest peak in Asia.

My first view of the North side of the world’s highest mountain was jaw-dropping. We’re standing at about 17,000 feet looking up another 12,000 feet to the summit. All I could mumble was, “oh my God”. If this doesn’t inspire your soul then you must already be dead.



Mt. Everest (Asia)


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The Top Ten Reasons to do Business with ERC

10. Low minimum quantities on bulk powders and bottled products
1 kilo powders, 5 kilo blends, 50,000 capsules

9. Incredibly fast turn-around times on bottled products
Compare our 7-8 weeks to others’ 10-16 weeks

8.Comprehensive selection from all three enzyme sources
Truly a one-stop shop


Here’s What People are Saying about ERC…

December 2007

ERC Management Summary:

I rank you in the top 1% of Dietary Supplement Companies. Very neat & orderly, well organized, many signs of intelligent thought given to the management of this company. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I was very impressed with you (Troy) and Tammy and your facility.

Richard Anderson
Mgr. Quality Engineering
Capsugel, Div. of Pfizer, Inc.



A Message from our President

One of my all time favorite quotes states, “Why settle for being merely effective when you could be insanely awesome.”. I have had to push hard and dig deep to overcome many physical, mental and emotional hurdles on my journey to the top. I am a mountain man at heart. I experience a connection to the spiritual world while climbing that I seldom feel in the “lowlands”. I have quite literally climbed the highest mountains and touched the sky so to speak. I believe goals are important only if they are truly in line with what you love to do. I love to climb so climbing the highest peak on every continent was an obtainable goal. Just like my climbing goals, introducing enzymes to the world will also be accomplished because of my love for them.  I have to confess that I'm wild… about enzymes. There is hardly a waking hour that passes that I don’t think about or ponder on some aspect of our enzyme world. It’s as if I’m wearing a pair of rose-colored enzyme glasses. Everywhere I look I see enzymes! They are the most magical of all substances known to mankind and yet we are almost completely ignorant of their presence and potential. I believe enzymes are the sole (soul) connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. 

Because I only do what I love to do, I have been richly blessed. Viewing the world from the highest point has a way of putting things into their proper perspective. I’ve always believed that anything is possible, but now I know it is. Join me in helping others to reach their peak:   www.sarswatifoundation.org

Troy Aupperle

Video - Owner Introduction