About Us

Enzymology Research Center, Inc. (ERC) is an organically certified supplier of enzymes to the food, feed, equine and nutraceutical industries. Our close attention to detail and high quality standards have attracted some of the most reputable individuals and companies. ERC was founded in 1995 by Troy Aupperle, whose personal belief in and commitment to our products would certainly qualify as “extreme”. His recent conquest of Mt. Everest on May 22, 2009 and the completion of the 7 Summits has put him into an elite circle of climbers. He says that enzymes are the foundation of his success.

ERC is prepared and poised for continued success in the 21st Century. ERC has continually responded to the needs of it’s clients through the expansion of encapsulation, packaging and powder fill production capacity. Our new in-house, full-service lab and expanded blending capabilities are just a few of the more recent additions. We now offer the largest and most comprehensive selection of animal-free, plant-derived enzymes in the industry. The genuine, personal and competent customer service we offer is unmatched. We love what we do and it’s reflected in every aspect of our daily operation. ERC will continue to innovate and cause change as it is truly “The Enzyme Catalyst”.

Our Company Mission


  • Introduce enzymes to the world
  • Make enzymes a household product

History Timeline

Company is founded in Arizona

Produce Bloodworks Manual/Profile/Software Version 1.0
Produce Phase Contrast Live Blood Conditions flyer/poster

Introduced a state-of-the-art 44’ mobile bloodwork unit
Official approval and introduction of enzymes to Taiwan

Produce Bloodworks Manual/Profile/Software Version 1.2

Relocated company to Minnesota.

Commercial property acquired and new building constructed.

Construction completed on a 4,000 square foot addition to be used
for production and warehousing.
Encapsulation production capacity is doubled.

Organically Certified (ICO).
EURO Certified (Baltsert).
All computers and operating systems upgraded to Mac.


Completed construction on an additional 4,000 square foot addition to be used for production and warehousing.
Encapsulation production capacity is increased by 30%.
Packaging production capacity is doubled.

Powder fill production and packaging introduced.

New building construction started on 11,000 square foot packaging facility.

Construction completed and production and packaging operations are
officially split between the two buildings.
GMP compliant and audited.

New full-service, in-house lab introduced.
Blending capacity is increased by 300%.
Packaging is fully-automated and capacity increased by 400%

Revised and updated website.

Kosher Certified

Troy Aupperle

Troy Aupperle



Troy’s ultimate mission in life is to introduce enzymes to the world. He has been involved in the enzyme industry for almost two decades. He is the founder and CEO of Enzymology Research Center, Inc., one of the leading U.S. enzyme suppliers. Troy is currently writing an enzyme book as well as presenting his “Reach Your Peak” seminars internationally.



Dr. Donese Worden

Dr. Donese Worden

Medical Enzyme Advisor

Dr. Donese Worden is an Arizona-based physician and global health educator. She is renowned for identifying and helping to bring unique healing modalities and therapies from abroad to the United States, putting her on the vanguard of integrated, naturopathic medicine. Known as a lively and engaging speaker, Dr. Worden is passionate about educating people on taking charge of their health using the best from both conventional and natural medicine. For almost a decade, she has been helping clients achieve optimal health and energy using natural therapies and minimal or no drugs as her therapeutic goal is to apply leading edge, customized alternative therapies that treat the root of the problem, not just symptoms.

Gini Velde

Gini Velde

Purchasing Manager

Gini is our Purchasing Manager and joined the team in 2008.
She brings 21 years of restaurant management including “GM of the Year” from a national corporate chain as well as scores of other sales awards. Gini likes reading, gardening and outdoor adventures.